A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

I enjoy creating interesting portraits that are mind provoking. If you view my Creative Gallery you may notice that I like to add mood and texture that are appealing to me. Each piece is of our local Gulf Coast area and there is never a shortage of great subjects.         


My photography "bug" began with our very own local beauty here on what the locals call Pleasure Island.  We are so rich and abundant in life & love which is why travelers return here year after yearhttp://www.gulfshores.com


I currently live on Fort Morgan which stretches 22 miles from Gulf Shores to our Historical Fort Morgan http://www.fortmorgan.org/ and Island Ferry https://mobilebayferry.com/. The island offers an incredible lifestyle that is full of history and welcoming locals. Amazing marine life surrounds the island from the gulf side to Mobile Bay. You are very likely to see many dolphin in our waters and may perhaps be lucky enough to witness sea turtle hatchlings.  http://alabamaseaturtles.com 

Thank you for visiting and following my recent projects.  I love sharing it with you.